For us art and design are the source of our inspiration, which is hidden behind every Dirty Laundry outfit. Our design approach is based on the simplicity, the minimalism & the comfortable, relaxed mood that we would like to give through our creations, to the male personality. For Dirty Laundry, men's clothing is an expression of a man's personality with the above characteristics. Through our design creations we would also like to contribute to the formation of this personality. Because Dirty Laundry clothes are a way of life!

Our Philosophy
A modern, minimalistic, and comfortable approach are the three pillars of the design philosophy of our collections. Every garment we create is timeless. From the delicate design detail of the neckline, the cuff or the logo, to the choice of the color palette of the collection, our concern is the uniqueness of Dirty Laundry clothing. Our production partners are selected through strict evaluation criteria, having an excellent level of skills, excellent working environment and a common vision of improving every step of the production process, from the raw material to the final garment. The choice of raw materials is as important as any process stage, up to the final delivery of the garment to the consumer. Dirty Laundry clothes are born from high quality cotton fabrics while all the treatments that make the garment unique, follow the international certifications in order for the final product to have the seal of excellent quality that equals Dirty Laundry standards.

The Vision
Our vision is to:
Design and create unique products based on the beauty of simplicity, comfort, and quality. With the above criteria we want to contribute to the formation of role models, where the external appearance reflects the calm force that comes from our inner self.
To contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment in which we interact.
This is Dirty Laundry's vision.

Our Story
Aitoliki S.A. establishment with main business activity the production of fabrics

Business development with imported fabrics from companies abroad and trade

Dirty Laundry’s 2nd generation is penetrating the business with main focus the development of the distribution network

Reformation of the company to distributor of high fashion fabric brands

New business activity, the development of private label (PL) apparels and strategic key partnership with multinational accounts both local and international

The birth of “Dirty Laundry” fashion brand

Business strategic partnership with Attica Department Stores and wholesale portfolio development

The birth of the online shop -